Why Every Social Media Platform Matters

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world and has recently hit one billion active users. It offers great opportunities to connect a brand with its audience „any place, any time, anywhere”, therefore, it is natural to have a presence on there. On the other hand, Twitter teaches us all an important lesson: communication can be done in less than 140 characters. What better way can be there for a brand to send the most basic, yet important information to its followers?

Not far behind we have Google+, Google’s preferred social media platform, who have stated many times the importance of being on their network. A professionally maintained Google+ business page will increase your page rank in the SERPs and add a +1 to your search engine optimisation activity which is an important step just for the sole reason of being part of Google’s web. Refusing to have a Google+ account is just like refusing to get yourself noticed out there.

Keeping an open mind and following the new Google Updates and Algorithms is crucial for any successful Social Media Marketing strategy to benefit in the search results, but also in the return on investment ROI and the growth of your business.

Pinterest also has its place in social media, a well reserved and deserved one. Just two years ago, this social media platform came from being invisible to being the next best thing in the future of e-commerce. Similar to the Pinterest effect, Instagram teaches us an important lesson in the power of images. After all, great stories can be told with just one well-thought image.  Youtube is that part of social media that can make your business go viral with just one video, by combining images with words and real people. LinkedIn is where professionals love to „hang out” and where your brand can connect with other brands.

Marek Waclawczyk

Digital marketing consultant for MW Creative Solutions, web designer and social media expert; all-round marketer with over 10 years of hands-on experience in various sales and marketing roles.

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