The Future of Mobile Responsive Web Design

As mobile devices became indispensable, there is no surprise that our lives have gone mobile. 66% of worldwide mobile users access the Internet on a daily basis, with more than 94% using mobiles for local search. Almost 35% shop online using mobile devices, while mobile search and social networking are transforming consumer behaviour as we speak: a direction which cannot be followed without mobile responsive web design.

What is Mobile Responsive Web Design

A mobile responsive web design refers to a website layout which adapts and responds to the size of the screen. A responsive website will automatically adjust to the mobile device without modifying the quality of images, the quantity and quality of information; all in all making the experience just as pleasant as using a laptop, desktop or tablet. At MW Creative Solutions, we optimise the content and layout, in order to give your visitors and potential customers an excellent mobile experience which enables them to rapidly find and access valuable information.

Mobile Responsive Web Design and Google Optimisation

The Giant search engine recommends a series of best practices in terms of mobile responsive web design. The ideal configuration is having the information appear the same on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. That is why Google loves mobile responsive web design; as it keeps all content, including metrics such as quality and quantity, on a single URL using not only a user-friendly but also a search engine friendly layout. So while mobile users interact, share and link to your website, Google indexes your content and social media signals independent of the device used to browse the data. You also do not need additional apps, or double search engine optimisation investments. Moreover, you can use mobile design as an opportunity to promote your business though mobile ads. Statistics show that 89% of mobile users notice mobile ads, a behaviour that leads to better consumer engagement.

WordPress and Mobile Responsive Web Design

Here are just few of the many reasons why WordPress and mobile responsive design can help you in building your business:

a) Both work well in increasing the overall speed and performance of your website.

b) WordPress developers constantly release new and free versions for plugins and tools, all mobile-optimised.

c) WordPress displays the same content and visuals on mobile devices.

d) There are no limitations to how far you can go with a mobile responsive WordPress design in terms of money, time and quality.

e) Mobile responsive design and WordPress are just as essential for your business as a cover is for a book: there is no beauty or captivation without it.


The trends in mobile and responsive design can only indicate the following implications:

1. Businesses that have gone mobile benefit from increased opportunities, such as constantly engaging with new consumers

2. Making mobile optimisation the central part of a business strategy can also benefit in terms of cross-media advertising campaigns

3. Mobile optimisation makes it easier to connect with businesses worldwide

4. A mobile responsive web design encourages consumers to purchase, connect and use the services provided by a business

5. Mobile responsive design, WordPress platforms and search engine optimisation make one great combination.

Marek Waclawczyk

Digital marketing consultant for MW Creative Solutions, web designer and social media expert; all-round marketer with over 10 years of hands-on experience in various sales and marketing roles.

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    WordPress has a number of well designed responsive themes. You can also use free themes by searching on the web.

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