Search Engine Optimisation

& Content Management

Search Engine Optimisation SEO has made a statement for the past decade, or even longer. With the world wide web offering such high benefits and cost-effective solutions, it is only natural to think of SEO as the must-have in an online marketing strategy.

The scenery has significantly changed in the last years, following Google’s Post-Penguin Era where White Hat SEO is the key in achieving a strong online presence.

The new world of SEO focuses on quality rather than quantity. This modern approach incorporates high-level of different optimisation methods including link building through high quality guest blogging, evergreen content, constant social media signals including engagement and long-term commitment from businesses worldwide.

Our Two Cents About The White Hat Side of SEO

Up until recently anyone could probably do SEO, with instant results and a so-called short term happiness effect. It is highly important to understand that times have changed. No professional results can be done in a short amount of time.

Long-term commitment is the key to success, combined with professional services and a deep understanding of how time and effort work for you.
Moreover, Google has launched an anti-spam war through Panda and Penguin updates, in order to differentiate amateurs from professionals.

While it is harder to clean up a mess and start all over again with a Search Engine Optimisation SEO strategy, the best advice we can give at MW Creative Solutions is to trust in us. In order to get to the top, we build a professional strategy together with you, through patience, expertise and using a number of effective Search Engine Optimisation SEO methods.

No SEO will work for a dated website

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, answers why some old sites may not have their rankings in Google last forever.

Link Building

Link Building now relies on quality rather than quantity. Quality backlinks can have a powerful positive effect on your business and that is why we believe our link building services satisfy our clients needs and expectations.

Content Management

Our Content Management strategy relies on both, content management and content delivery application. Here at MW Creative Solutions, we combine the latest elements such as Hypertext Mark-up Language in order to manage content creation and modification in a creative and evergreen manner.

Our CDA (content delivery application) services focus on web publishing and search engine indexing, as well as format management and revision control.

Our evergreen content services include rich media strategies such as video streaming and mobile-optimised ads, digital asset management for extensive digital marketing solutions and web content management tools that provide insights and value to your business.

Why Us?

Because We Bring it All Together

We bring together environments such as design, editorial and publishing in order to maintain the look-and-feel for your online presence (website content, social media content, website design).

To bring more value to your brand, at MW Creative Solutions we also use interactive content, such as local searches through Google Maps and Google Places, Charts and Timelines.

We love to make the best out of JavaScript libraries in order to create meaningful, creative content that brand consumers will love, independent of language, location, age and gender. Google Maps and other interactive maps are a great way to add value to your SEO strategy and get a „physical” touch&feel for your business.
Social Media is not enough to boost awareness – we add that extra element to your search engine optimisation strategy.
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