Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing refers to pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click services which are one of the most popular options for clients and businesses operating locally.
This is a great choice for businesses that focus more on local search engine optimisation and conversion rates, compared to an international outreach.
Not only that, PPC is also a great alternative to organic search for new websites who struggle in their early life with the Search Engine Optimisation and aim at increasing their online visibility.

Why PPC and How it Works

Paid Search Marketing PPC services are offered by most of the engine giants including Yahoo, Bing and Google – with a specific focus on Google AdWords.
At MW Creative Solutions, we know that a search engine’s goal is to help the user find relevant information, in a quick and accurate manner. User queries, which are phrases entered in the search bar, are then processed by search engines to produce relevant results in the SERP (search engine results page). These have two forms:
a) organic search results
b) search ads
Paid Search Marketing PPC is offered by all search engines, making it a preferred method for clients worldwide to achieve accurate outcomes; with time running fast, paid ads offer immediate search results.
In order to maximize campaign performance, conversion rates and desired results, every PPC campaign is tested and optimized to the client’s needs.

How About Social Ads?

A great alternative to Search Engine PPC are paid Social Ads via social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter which enable a business reaching a wider audience.
These show up on users News Feed in a form of a sponsored story to promote the client’s page or drive the traffic onto a different website.
Social Ads are a vital element in every Social Media Strategy, however it is important to clearly define your goal and target audience.
Yes, you should pay to build your fan base with ads. You will reach them organically however you won’t reach every fan with a single post unless you pay for it.

Why Us?

At MW Creative Solutions we focus on bringing creativity into the standard PPC campaign, making it more efficient and client oriented.
We provide clear strategies from the first consultation. Not only that, we also offer bespoke campaign set-up and professionally-handled management services, including full analysis, conversion rate tracking, payment only for real clicks and an on-going campaign optimisation.
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