Website design, SEO and Social Media Marketing

for Emma Hall Beauty Permanent Make-up, UK 2013

I was referred to Marek by a good friend. I’d seen the fantastic results he had created with her website and knew this was the guy I wanted to do mine. As soon as I spoke to him I knew I was talking to a true professional, he is social media whizz kid, He is quick, bright and full of enthusiasm about my business. I knew how I wanted my website to look but he came up with ideas that were so diverse, you would have thought he’d been doing permanent make up for years. He always answers the phone when you need him (which is rear in the technological industry) and he comes up with magical suggestions about how things should and can be done! He’s a marvel! My business has increased so dramatically since he’s taken my business on. I have clients coming out my ears!!
Thank you Marek!!
Emma Hall

Logo, website design, SEO and Social Media Marketing for NuTress Hair Extensions, Manchester UK 2014



With only the slightest brief, in little over a week, Marek designed and built a beautiful website, full of interesting and attention grabbing features like my revolving logo and scrolling header, details I hadn’t even seen before my build. Perhaps even more impressive though are the results of my web campaign. Marek achieved in just three weeks what two companies I’d used previously hadn’t delivered in more than three years. I was told by every other company I spoke to that it was impossible to guarantee a spot on the first page of Google, yet there my site was less than three weeks after it launched. My Facebook page and Twitter account were seldom used resources which Marek has brought to life with interesting and informative posts, engaging my clients far more than I ever did! Marek is without doubt an absolute expert in his field yet he never talks jargon and is incredibly patient, explaining everything in plain English. He is warm, helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble, I can’t thank him enough. I would recommend MW Creative Solutions without a moments hesitation.
Lorraine Fleming – NuTress





Logo, website design, SEO and Social Media Marketing for NuTress Hair Extensions, Manchester UK 2014

From tattoo eyebrows to permanent makeup eyeliner and 3D permanent lips, MW Aesthetics are the number one choice for permanent makeup treatments in London.


Logo and web design for Theresa Wild Permanent Cosmetics, UK 2013




I had an absolute disaster with my previous website, which was not saved when it was created! It lacked any creativity and design whatsoever…I was not impressed to say the least…. I spoke to Marek about the situation and he came up with a new approach and completely transformed my branding! A new website was created in just 5 days, with just contact via email and telephone! Marek has a clear sense of direction for all of his projects and has transformed my brand and online profile effortlessly! I have already recommended Marek to my fellow international PMU technicians. Amazing! This guy definitely has the WOW factor!
Theresa Wild


Web design for

Total Career Solutions, UK 2014


Web design for the Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy, London 2013

Words really cannot express how grateful both Kevin and myself are for the incredible amount of work, knowledge, expertise, finesse, passion and patience you have shown towards us. There is no greater joy, in my eyes, than to work with someone who brings different sensibilities to the table. I can now say that what we achieved is even greater than I had imagined.

Martin Wall – Creative Director



Logo, print and web design for Mark Sanders Personal Trainer

Having worked for nearly 7 years for The London School of Beauty & Make-up, who are the largest private beauty school in Europe and part of Urban Retreat at Harrods, I was responsible for the development of their Social Media, Digital Marketing progress, graphic and web design.

During his time here, Marek has shown initiative, adaptability, creativity and willingness to be involved in all aspects of the business. He has been instrumental in the development of our social media and has kept up to date with the digital media progress and design. Marek’s ‘can do’ attitude will be missed and we wish him well in the future.
Claire Edgecombe – Managing Director

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