Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has proven to be the best choice for online marketing, less expensive and results-driven strategy.


What Is Digital Marketing

An extended Digital Marketing incorporates, unique and advanced web 2.0 strategies that increase grow of any business in several digital channels, including email, mobile, social sharing and other environments. The goal is to create great content and connections between brands and customers, to increase awareness, as well as to reach new customers and a certain point of ROI value.

How to Do Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is all about knowing what are the latest trends in online marketing and implementing them in a smart digital plan. Since we are mentioning the word “digital”, it means we must take into consideration every new update and change in the way search engines work. This is, of course, due to the important role search engines play in digital marketing. In order to successfully implement an online brand marketing strategy, we must abide to the rules of best online practices. This includes extended knowledge of:

  1. What are the new changes and updates in the online world
  2. When will these changes and updates occur
  3. How we can creatively include them and follow them in our digital marketing strategy
  4. How to benefit from what the new strategy has to offer


Of course, the human factor is extremely important. We can use software to monitor and generate reports, white papers and analyses, but we cannot use automation in the entire digital marketing strategy. That is the reason to why there are certain specific characteristics any digital marketing agency would look for in the people they work with: innovation, creativity, experience, speed and performance, motivation, enthusiasm and of course, adaptability.

These skills can add that extra factor to drive success towards a digital marketing campaign. Of course, other factors must be taken into consideration. These include:

  • User/Buyer/Consumer online behaviour
  • Preferences patterns
  • Design and presentation format
  • Speed of processing or How can we get the information out there in a fast, reliable and valid way, so that it is accessible to anyone, independent of location, time zone, gender, age
  • Quality of information
  • Management systems, including content management, communication management and responsive management* (*we refer to responsive as the most fast way to respond to consumer queries through social media, email, phone and other direct contact forms)
  • Online up-to-date resources that might be frequently used to promote, distribute and inform
  • Collaboration and communication with partners, collaborators, media contacts etc.
  • And any other factor that might occur under special situations.


Digital Marketing also implies certain etic online standards, including privacy protection, user personal details protection and non-disclosure agreements.


Advantages of Digital Marketing

It is almost impossible to cover all the advantages that Digital Marketing has to offer. However, we would like to present at least these 10 major advantages.

1. It is easy to use and accessible. With today’s digital marketing resources, it is really easy and fast to set up ads and campaigns and get the word out about your brand.

2. It is a new, great way to improve customer relationship. Say goodbye to frustrating sales strategies that have poor ROI and fail to satisfy customer needs and brand reliability. Rather, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin and Youtube facilitate the communication between brands and brand consumers. Plus, it’s fun and the engagement rate is significantly higher.

3. Digital Marketing is the best way to enhance credibility. It allows the marketing team to share the specific information about products, releases, discounts anything that might be in the interest of the public eye. To add more, online presence is a must. Consumers are just one click away from learning more about you and your brand.

4. Networking, networking and networking. Viral videos, ads and posts can increase the communication between your business and your consumers. The strength of a business relies in the easiness of communication and interaction with brand consumers, or better said, in the endless possibilities of networking.

5. Wider range of audience target. Use different types of ad format that never gets boring or misleading – that has an extended impact on brand desired audiences.

6. Testimonials, feedback and reviews are easier to get. It’s really easy to follow and study client demographics, needs and consumer behaviour, as well as how they feel about your products. This also helps in creating future products or improving existent ones to fit the needs of your clients.

7. Focusability is the key to better customer engagement. It’s really easy for consumers to focus on certain, specific products and target what they really love about your brand and services.

8. Creating a brand image. This isn’t anything new; however, it is still important to focus on. Brand image is highly significant, yet crucial for building and online presence. Digital Marketing offers brands a unique way to get noticed out there and get differentiated from competition.

9. The cost-effective side of Digital Marketing. We like to simply call it a smart cost-effective investment. You get ten times more of what you invest, and this stands as long as you maintain a brand presence.

10. The timely manner side of Digital Marketing. It’s just great to be able to reach a certain audience and target it in a short amount of time, significantly reducing time costs, which in business language, are sometimes more important than financial costs.


Why It Is Important

Digital marketing is really important. If what we wrote so far hasn’t yet convinced you, then we are offering you more reasons to trust in our judgement. Consider this online marketing strategy as an evergreen growing source of social interaction, news, entertainment, information gathering and sharing, mainly because consumers have access to information anywhere they go, just through their smartphones, tablets and ultrabook devices. Through a simple search query on Google, Yahoo or Bing, consumers can get in touch with your brand and services. Not only that, but once they become fans and followers of a certain brand, they want updates, news, new releases and a hands-on everything there is to know about the brands they love.

This is extremely important, as a brand loyal follower is not a simple brand consumer, but becomes a promoter himself and shares your brand’s services or recommends them to his friends, colleagues, employees and family, as well as social network connections. So Digital Marketing sets the stepping stones for B2C and B2B marketing, in a primary form, of course.


How We Can Help

At MW Creative Solutions, we know our way around Digital Marketing. We have important connections with media contacts, the knowledge, the creativity, the experience and the necessary team and resources to help your brand get out there and get noticed.

Our strategies are results-driven and our professionalism stands as proof of what we can actually do to your brand’s image, services and visibility in the online media channels. Here is how we do it:

  • Objectives & Strategy: we will set the course with a solid business objective including marketing plans, brand positioning, audience targeting, creativity & fun ideas, media tactics and key success metrics. And lots of other surprise factors, which you can find out once you contact us.
  • Marketing Infrastructure: we focus on both people and digital infrastructure. People infrastructure: internal and external roles, flow approval and guidelines&policies. Digital infrastructure: website&blog designs, marketing manual&automated strategies, social platform designs and maintenance, CMS, CRM and social content management and more.
  • Audience Connecting: it’s our way of turning strangers into brand followers and fans through creative strategies, ads, campaigns, PPC-targeted campaigns, emails&newsletters.
  • Result Measuring, Analyses, ROI and more: the end is just the beginning. Or better said, we know you will love our strategies and our results so much, that this final step in our Digital Marketing strategy would be just another door to the next strategy and the next set of products.


Your brand deserves the best and we are sure to offer you that extra factor which will certainly make the difference between you and your competitors. And we hope these advantages of Digital Marketing are a statement of just how much we can do for your brand, your brand image and the overall growth of your online presence.

Marek Waclawczyk

Digital marketing consultant for MW Creative Solutions, web designer and social media expert; all-round marketer with over 10 years of hands-on experience in various sales and marketing roles.

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