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social media marketing

Social Media Marketing plays a key role in building an online brand.
At MW Creative Solutions we believe that social media is not a search engine marketing technique itself, but rather the detail which makes the difference.
We are the experts in Social Media Marketing. We manage successful campaigns on all available platforms including Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google , Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.
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mobile responsive web design

Our web design incorporate a powerful content management system (CMS) which lets you work on high quality content creation, editing and proofreading.
Our websites are based on the newest WordPress software; they are dynamic, easy to navigate and mobile responsive so you always look good, no matter what device you use.
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look good on any device

direct marketing

We know how important it is to spread the word and reach out to people in your business area. We also know that brand consumers and potential customers love to test out new things and new services.
At MW Creative Solutions creativity has its statement in every type of direct marketing including email campaigns, mailings, leaflets, brochures, point of sale visual displays and promotional merchandise.
We produce different types of display in our Direct Marketing strategy such as web Banner displays, Mobile Displays, Online static and dynamic ads, as well as brochures, offline ad banners and other customizable display options.
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search engine optimisation & content management

The new world of SEO focuses on quality rather than quantity.
This modern approach incorporates high-level of different optimisation methods including link building through evergreen and quality content, social media signals and long-term commitment.
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paid search marketing

& social ads

Paid Search Marketing PPC refers to pay-per-click or cost-per-click services which are one of the most popular options for clients and businesses operating locally.
This is a great choice for businesses that focus more on local search engine optimisation and conversion rates, compared to an international outreach.
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Our Web and Print Design services include brochure designs, magazines, white papers and e-books, calendars and catalogues, as well as custom-made printed materials based on your expectations.
We deliver 100% original and unique sustainable graphic design in all formats for the web and print.
Our creative team uses concepts to achieve the best results for your business, all done in a timely manner.
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